Keeping our existing customers, win new potential ones, and ensure our clients’ total satisfaction, through excellent customer service experience at all times that characterized by Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and a friendly facilities that are all provided by our professionals and action-oriented employees who are our valuable business partners in making a reality in our vision of becoming a travel service provider that is distinctly above the rest.

Travel industry is a highly competitive industry. In order to fortify our position as a leader in this industry, Sample Travel Agency is keen on focusing in:

  • Keeping the Company financially healthy at all times to continuously provide enjoyable quality holidays or trips on time and on budget that develop enthusiastically satisfied customers.
  • Maintaining a high-performing team that consistently rendering superior service to customers that leads to customer loyalty resulting to repeat orders and increase referrals that create new and bigger opportunities.
  • Grow the business by nurturing clients, differentiating the service from our competitors, particularly through service and staff behavior. All criteria from customer satisfaction, service provision, price competitiveness to staff attitudes are to be looked at thoroughly in the initial stages as areas of improvement.
  • Fully committed to support growth and development of the tourism and overall economy of Philippines and contribute positively to our
    communities and environment.